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Photo:waitrose own labels from 1930!s

waitrose own labels from 1930!s

ackknowledgement to john lewis partnership archive

By Caroline Matthews

Waitrose sold much of its supplies loose but with the advent of self-servicestores products needed to be packaged.

Label design was very stylish though muted in colour but still gave an air of quality

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A design exhibition was held at London's Bankside Gallery in 2004 entitled 'Waitrose: 100 years of Packaging Design'. The exhibition was part of the celebrations to mark Waitrose's centenary and 'offered a compelling insight into the history of grocery shops and shopping.' Judy Faraday explained: "The dramatic evolution of the supermarket industry over the past 100 years can be seen clearly through the Waitrose archive collection of packaging - on view to the public for the first time." "This retrospective reveals the changing face of the Waitrose brand identity from its early days as a single grocery shop to its current position as a multiple food retailer." Standing out from the crowd were leaflets from the 1930s "HOW TO ENJOY STONING RAISINS" to the late 1960s "THE WAITROSE STORE-TO-CAR TROLLEY SERVICE."

By Linda Moroney
On 30/09/2012