Specialist Units Bacon Production Unit, Fulham Wharf

Photo:Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon

Acknowledgement to the John Lewis Partnership Archive

'The bacon has gone out on time'

By Sian Cleary

Specialist Units - Bacon Production Unit, Fulham Wharf


The smallest unit in the Partnership was the Bacon Production Unit at Fulham Wharf with only five Partners, supplying around 800 sides of smoked and unsmoked bacon per week to all supermarkets.

Surrounded by high walls, the unit was set among factories and warehouses and the general bustle of the riverside - with its central location and with branches becoming so scattered, and London traffic so dense, transport alone became a problem. The method of supplying branches was to change, with bacon being delivered to branches direct from suppliers - all of these factors led to the unit being closed in 1973, after 13 years.

The Waitrose Chronicle of 1973 reported: “Our Bacon Unit Partners, though rarely in the limelight, and sometimes feeling themselves a bit forgotten, have worked hard and done a good job over several years. ‘The bacon has gone out on time’, said Mr Knowles proudly, ‘winter and summer, in every sort of weather and in spite of strikes by dockers, electricians, engine drivers and many other unions. Some we managed to keep going.’



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