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Photo:The 1980s Waitrose brand

The 1980s Waitrose brand

John Lewis Partnership Archive

Photo:Waitrose 1980s packaging

Waitrose 1980s packaging

John Lewis Partnership Archive

The rebranding of Waitrose in the 1980s

By Judy Faraday

Waitrose had always been keen on ensuring it had a striking logo. As the Partnership did not advertise until the 1990s it was important before that to try to catch the eye of customers and orange was the predominant colour used until the current green colour scheme was adopted.

In 1987 a new logo hit the high street and the typeface was used on the buildings as well as the carrier bags, other packaging and letterheading

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I remember the orange bags they were ok, but the uniforms, who remembers the brown and beige, yuk with the poppers and disgusting brown belt, then the new and improved brown and white vertical strips again with the plastic belt, ......thank goodness for the green

By jacqueline luckhurst
On 12.08.2013

I think I remember a blue uniform before that?

By Carole Sadler
On 25.01.2014